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Every project both at the national and international level has been developed from our Head Office located in the City of Paraná (Entre Ríos), Argentina. In addition, we own a branch in the City of Santa Fe.
Since our inception, geotechnics has been one of the pillars of our development, helping us become market leaders in Argentina, and participants in the Latin American market as well.
In order to carry out our tasks efficiently, at JUSTO DOME & ASOC we are comprehensively equipped and apply effective logistics. Our own laboratory, staffed with qualified personnel, is capable of processing 7,000 m of annual drillings.  So far, over 5,000 studies have been performed for high-rise buildings, industrial plants, neighbourhood housing, bridges, viaducts, silos and water tanks, churches and hotels, high tension power lines and transformer stations, nuclear power plants, telephony services, banks and schools, hospitals, cemeteries and ports overseas, among others.