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JUSTO DOME & ASOC. Engineering Consultant offers quality service.

JUSTO DOME & ASOC. Engineering Consultant offers quality service. 
We establish, adopt and maintain a quality system. Currently, we are working to certify ISO 9001. Today, we are committed to:
1) Considering quality in service management as our usual working style.
2) Managing technologies and equipment in an integral manner, to accomplish product delivery in due time, protecting the materials and data which have been entrusted to the processes. 
3) Complying with all applicable norms and legislation, as well as the requirements the company adheres to.
4) Ensuring staff training with the aim of reaching a suitable skill level. 
5) Assessing and maintaining the technology installed and equipment available.
6) Carrying out the follow-up, measurement and analysis of the different process parameters in order to determine their level of performance.
7) Controlling the evolution of the management system, keeping a smooth communication in order to foresee needs to improve our service supply.